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Steve Aoki has remixed the 1995 Ghost in the Shell Theme Steve Aoki has remixed the 1995 Ghost in the Shell Theme


Ghost in the Shell Theme Steve Aoki Remix



Sunday, Paramount Pictures dropped another Ghost in the Shell clip supercut. Why is this one such a big deal? The backing track is the 1995 Ghost in the Shell theme (Making of a Cyborg) remixed by Steve Aoki. In top tier anime soundtracks the 95 GITS film ranks just under Akira. Without Kenji Kawai’s driving tracks behind the beautiful visuals the cyberpunk classic wouldn’t have the personality that epitomizes the genre.

The original is a classic and the first few beats are instantly recognizable by any GITS fan. Aoki did a great job updating the theme and mixing in some bass heavy modern EDM. The remix will get your head bobbing while simultaneously giving you a case of the feels. If you need a refresher on the original check the video below.

Ghost in the Shell whispers in your ghost in theaters everywhere March 31st.

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