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Indigo Child Indie Game Review Indigo Child Indie Game Review


Indigo Child A Short Surprisingly Emotional Experience



Looking for a highly stylized indie game that deals with death and the afterlife? Indigo Child may be the answer your looking for. Indigo Child is the creation of user Metkis who at the time of writing this has only 2 games total under their belt. At first glance the graphical simplicity and vague description may throw new players for a loop. Shunning players as a self righteous overly artsy game. But diving into Indigo Child tells a deeper and more compelling story. How deep can a game jam style game with only 30 minutes of gameplay really be?

At first glance the visuals in Indigo Child can be jarring. The simplistic black backgrounds contrast against simple white line figures. Looking closer you start to notice small details that pull your eyes around the frame. The world seems to shift and move around you as explore with the edges of your viewable area becoming less clear near the edges of the frame. The environment is beautiful and cohesive. The simple colors emote a dreamlike state that pulls the player further in with a backing audio track of simple, soft, electronic music.

Indigo Child Indie Review 1

Indigo Child is much more an experience than a game in a typical sense. Your journey is more about exploration than combat, creation, or achievements. As the Indigo Child you are left to explore the hazy dream world you find yourself in with no instruction as to how the world works or why you are there. Controls boil down to simply moving and an action button that creates a circular wave around your character. Through exploration you discover the reason for your existence is to help reunite the souls of the dead with their confused and often emotional afterlife incarnations. With almost no text the story forces you to deal with death and the circumstances that lead up to it. It also guides you through the highly personal and individualized events that led to the demise of these afterlife beings.

Life After Death

Indigo Child is a unique, well crafted, and beautiful experience. I continue to refer to it as an experience as gameplay elements are simple and functional but more attune to a “walking simulator” style game. You explore with limited oversight and you get out of the game what you put in. This game is not going to be for everyone. Indie game lovers and those who appreciate games as art with deep meaning will feel at home. My only real complaint with Indigo Child is that it left me wanting. I could have easily played this much longer than the 30 minutes it took to complete. Unfortunately multiple playthroughs won’t yield different results. Overall Indigo Child was a rich and wonderful experience. If anything about this indie interests you at all I urge you to go throw Metkis a few dollars and give it a shot.

Keep up with Metkis via their website.

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