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Nowhere Prophet now on Greenlight Nowhere Prophet now on Greenlight


Nowhere Prophet: Randomly Generated, Deck Building Apocalypse



In the overwhelming world of indie game making its a struggle to stand out. Sharkbomb Studios seeks to claim a top spot with its deck builder Nowhere Prophet. Although no playable demo is available yet a glance at the Nowhere Prophet Greenlight page oozes artistic talent, and solid quality that stands out among competing Greenlight candidates. But art and functionality don’t mean a thing if the game play isn’t good. Lets take a closer look to see if nowhere Prophet is really the stand out title it appears to be.

Post Apocalypse Wars Will Be Fought With Magic Cards.

After a galaxy wide technological failure a group of survivors travels into the wasteland to search for the Crypt. A place told to contain untainted technology as well as safety from the harsh wastelands. You must lead this group of survivors on their journey through the bandit infested wastelands of Soma. Stay alive, find the Crypt, and live a better, longer life.

Sharkbomb’s features list is enough to make any table top player and indie game lover drool. The Greenlight trailer gives us a taste of the key features like card based combat, and randomly generated environments. Random events give life to the map in a style that echos classics like Oregon Trail or Wasteland 2. The deck building mechanic looks to be quite robust with new content being unlocked to be used in future decks during each play through. On top of playable character cards it appears Nowhere Prophet includes the ability to equip item cards that buff base stats. A traditional RPG loot system seems to have been mixed with Magic: The Gathering style turn based gameplay and strategies. Add in a rouge like element for your caravan’s crew and you have a beautiful, unique mix of game play styles.

Visceral. Simply Beautiful.

Visually, Nowhere Prophet has an incredible hands on aesthetic. Warm sandy tones mixed with the watercoloresque style draw the eye and are hard not to be amazed by. Music used in the trailer is a synthwave mix that evokes a feeling of vastness that even big budget games would be hard pressed to match. Sharkbomb Studios lists Indian Infused Electronica on its feature list so it’s safe to assume we can expect a lot of strong backing tracks during our journey.

Nowhere Prophet has been in development since 2014 and folds in pieces of coder and game designer Martin Nerurkar’s heritage as well as his love for games. From the inclusion of his heritage, to the teams brilliant artwork this game looks to be a highly personal endeavor. Hopefully this labor of love will yield something that lives up to the high expectations set by their Greenlight page. The good news? As of posting this  Nowhere Prophet has officially been Greenlit! We cant wait to start up the first playable demo of this one!

Prepare for your journey to the Crypt early 2018.

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