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Check out the launch trailer for StarCraft: Remastered Check out the launch trailer for StarCraft: Remastered


StarCraft: Remastered Announcement Trailer



Months ago Blizzard Games had posted a number of jobs, looking for people to work on bringing old games new life. The rumors swirled in message boards and Facebook groups. What could they be possibly working on?

Could it be a really old game like Rock ‘n Roll Racing or Lost Vikings? Would we get a upgraded version of Diablo 2 for the anniversary? Let’s be honest, everyone wanted it to be Diablo 2.

StarCraft: Remastered is Coming

It’s official Blizzard is putting a shiny new coat on the world wide favorite StarCraft. This could be a great way to push it as an eSport over StarCraft 2. It can also be a great way to draw in those that never got to experience the classic.

Check out the trailer:

What are your thoughts? Is StarCraft: Remastered something that you were hoping for?

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