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We here at NerdLifeTX are well know for our love of games, music and movies. Lesser known is our love for all things pro wrestling! The staff here gathers weekly to watch match highlights and discuss the latest news from the wrestling world. Late last week an IndieGoGo campaign caught our eye that combines our love of film with our love for wrestling. Powerbomb is an upcoming thriller produced in coordination with 3 production companies all hailing from Cleveland OH. Powerbomb’s backdrop is the immensely popular Ohio indie wrestling scene where a local wrestler has a tough decision to make. Does he stay and go for professional glory? Or does he retire to be with his family? What happens to his biggest fan who’s willing to do anything it takes to see his favorite wrestler succeed?

The Following Contest Is Scheduled For One Fall

Wrestling fans and Ohio residents alike should be throwing their wallet at the computer screen right now. Powerbomb is a uniquely Ohio product we should be proud to call ours. Many famous professional wrestlers have roots here in the Midwest. Ohio’s indie promotions were often their stepping stones to a much larger career. Johnny Gargano, Alexa Bliss, Chris Hero, Dean Ambrose and Matt Cross all hail from Ohio. Powerbomb combines Ohio’s rich sports entertainment history with its blossoming indie filmmaker scene.

Powerbomb IndieGoGo Cleveland Matt Cross

Local favorites Matt Cross (aka Son of Havoc) and Britt Baker (originally from PA) are billed as cast for the upcoming film. Seeing favorites from local promotions get their chance to partake in a film should give any fan a case of the feels. If this isn’t enough the amazing, quality work produced by Sickening Pictures and TurnStyle Films should get your film buff juices flowing.

The pinfall here is the unique combination of Ohio based institutions tag teaming to make something truly incredible. At the time of posting this Powerbomb’s flex goal sits at just below 60% on their IndieGoGo page with 14 days to go. Backer rewards are scheduled to be delivered sometime later in 2017. Whether you’re a wresting fan, film fanatic, or just an Ohio native Powerbomb is right in your wheelhouse.

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