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Game To This: Master Boot Record – C:\CHKDSK /F



The staff here at NerdLifeTX love music as much as we love gaming! No matter if we are writing, editing, or rpg’ing we always have music playing in the background. Game To This showcases some of the tracks we have been rocking out to lately while we work!

Genre bending and mixing always seems to yield the raddest results! Our latest obsession is a symphonic metal/chiptune combo that will blow your mind! In this special, full album, version of Game To This we take Master Boot Record’s C:\CHKDSK /F directly to our ear holes!

As a daily reddit browser I’m always surprised by the amount of awesome the site serves me daily. During my morning scan over the front page of the internet this morning I found Master Boot Record. MBR combines metal style guitar distortion with synthesized melodies reminiscent of symphonic metal. Unlike traditional symphonic metal however, Master Boot Record throws in a chiptune sound that really makes their tracks stand out. This unique blend feels familiar while simultaneously keeping a unique sound! FORMAT.EXE for example, sounds like it could be straight from a new Castlevania game! Each track has its own atmosphere and cadence and the album as whole is incredible from beginning to end.

With its varying style and tone most gamers are bound to find a track they enjoy. Next time you need some hard hitting, vocal free tunes to wreck that Lucio to turn on some Master Boot Record. Whether you’re a metal head or a chiptune fanatic this album will tickle your aural inputs in all the right ways.

To start processing data now head over to the Master Boot Record Bandcamp page. You can pick up their full discography for around $6!

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