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NerdLifeTX wants to be your source for all things nerdy and geek culture. This includes keeping an eye on crowdfunding pages so we can give you a heads up on anything rad up and coming. Infected is beautiful, lightning fast, easy to learn, and tons of fun!

Infected Kickstarter The Good Doctor

Bring Out Your Dead

Infected is perfectly designed to toy with players suspicions. Social heavy and semi-cooperative, Black Forest Studio has created a prefect party game. The goal is simple, a Plague Doctor acts in secret to spread the plague while protecting their identity. Meanwhile, villagers vaccinate each other to prevent death caused by the plague. The rules seem easy to pick up which makes this game great for table top players of any skill level. The art is well designed and beautifully produced. I would hang any of these prints on my wall as a stand alone piece of art!

Infected Kickstarter Healers

Infected is visually appealing, unique, and well thought out. Only a few days remain in the Kickstarter so head on over and throw down to get those stretch goals! Besides, we all have that one friend who deserves the plague!

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