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Game To This: Wolfman Muscleford – Power Armor (Album)



NerdLifeTX staffers love music as much as we love games! We always have music playing around the office when we Police Quest, write, or podcast. Game To This showcases some totally tubular tracks you should be listening to while you game! This week we showcase friend of the site Wolfman Muscleford!

DISCLOSURE: NerdLifeTX staff have a personal relationship with Wolfman Muscleford and were given access to songs for review purposes.

Veteran Beat Maker and NerdLife Bump Master

You may recognize Wolfman Muscleford in both name and musical styling if you listen to our Gaming With Scissors podcast or our sister podcast Gamer Stories. WM has been helping create bumpers and intros for the staff here at NerdLifeTX since we began podcasting and we are forever grateful! Now Muscleford looks to compile his songs into his first full length sythwave album set to release this summer!

Power Armor is shaping up to be a solid freshman journey in the world of synth full of digital drums, and filled to the brim with 80’s vibes. WM is no stranger to beats, a veteran of the D’n’B scene he’s played live and produced several tracks under the name DJMetroid since the late 90’s. In the past year he’s taken time away from fast timing and manic drumbeats to focus on a more retro brand of music. If OutRun was a musical genre it would be synthwave. Radical, mellow 80’s beats and smooth synths act as the driving force behind the genre and the engine in WM’s retro lambo.

Wolfman’s love for car sim’s and 80’s cheese bleeds through every track as Power Armor runs the gambit from slow and steady to fast paced and danceable. Being a gamer himself Muscleford has crafted a perfect soundtrack for any genre of gaming. Whether you find yourself battling through a dungeon, capturing a point, snagging camps, Rad Racing, or hell even cruising the Steam Summer Sale, Power Armor will give you all the feels and makes great background music.

Pre-Order Power Armor and check out all the tracks on Wolfman Musclefords BandCamp.

Check out Z3r0Png’s interview with Muscleford on Gamer Stories.

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