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Gaming With Scissors Episode 7 What makes a good game Gaming With Scissors Episode 7 What makes a good game

Gaming With Scissors

The Gaming With Scissors Podcast – The Muscleford Experience



Join the Gaming With Scissors Podcast as we explore the majesty of a lost generation. This week we have special guest Wolfman Muscleford aka Dj Metroid. Join us as we explore the recent Steam game sale and Wolfman Muscleford’s new album.

Our man topic this week is all about Nintendo. We love Nintendo can’t you tell? We discuss the impact of the SNES Classic console, why Nintendo does Nintendo things, and what they could do to fix their current situation.

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Special thanks to Wolfman Muscleford/DJ Metroid for the new AstroPanda Productions bumper and guest hosting this week’s show.
Check out DJMetroid’s SoundCloud account: and the new Wolfman Muscleford album:
Find our article on Wolfman Muscleford’s Power Armor here:

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