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Gaming With Scissors Episode 7 What makes a good game Gaming With Scissors Episode 7 What makes a good game

Gaming With Scissors

Gaming With Scissors Podcast – What Even is a GeekFest?



Mat, Nick, and Piper sit down to discuss how awesome Devolver Digital is, Mario coming to board up your windows, committing murder at parties, Gigantic, Depth, and point and click horror games. Our man topic is all about CTC GeekFest. What is it? Why are we doing it, what are we doing, and why you need to join us for a great time.
Special thanks to Wolfman Muscleford for the new AstroPanda Productions bumper and guest hosting this week’s show. Check out his album:

We encourage all of our Texas listeners to come out to Central Texas College GeekFest where Piper and Mat will be hosting a pop-up arcade, doing a live taping of the Gaming With Scissors Podcast, giving a few talks, and giving away tons of prizes.

CTC GeekFest August 18-20
Directions –> Central Texas College in Killeen TX

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