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Offensive Combat: Redux Review

Offensive Combat: Redux is a competitive online shooter centered around cartoonish characters, over the top environments, and familiar gameplay.



Offensive Combat: Redux
Developer: Three Gates
Publisher: Slap Shot Games
Available On: Steam
Review copy provided by publisher

Offensive Combat: Redux is definitely a game. It installed with no issues, it booted up, it had a menu, and I was able to start a match. It has officially passed the “it’s a game” test. That is where I started running into issues with the game.  I do not honestly have anything to say about the game that is constructive.

The controls feel great and it’s easy to become acquainted with the experience. There just isn’t anything memorable to experience or care about. Offensive Combat: Redux is a forgettable game.

Offensive Combat: Redux is Familiar

When we first received our review copies of the game, I was excited. I had been wanting to play a new competitive shooter that wasn’t Overwatch. Offensive Combat looked promising. It is clear from all the marketing material that developers Three Gates wanted to create something that was silly and campy and “offensive”.

Offensive Combat: Redux Chicken Shot

The only thing I found offensive about the game was how vanilla this game is. I have never been a fan of Unreal Tournament, I have never really played Unreal Tournament, but I have seen the game. I know what it is, and I know it was good for the time that it came out.

I am now happy to say I don’t need to go back and play it because I’ve played Offensive Combat: Redux. In an era of “hero shooters” and competitive gameplay, it’s going to be hard for anyone to remember this game.

Offensive Combat Has a Formula

Offensive Combat follows a very familiar structure to other games in the deathmatch shootey-pew-pew genre. The player chooses their game type, spawns in a stage, and either shoots a bunch of enemies or dies a lot.

I do not want to discredit the experience that Offensive Combat has to offer. The game isn’t hard to learn, it will come very natural to first-person shooter veterans. There is a wide selection of weapons to choose from.

Some of the weapons are incredibly silly and a lot of fun to use. Each stage is significantly different. There is even a PWN mechanic that involves you dancing on your fallen adversary in hopes to be granted customizations for your character as well as in game currency. Oh yes, there is a purchase system in Offensive Combat that we will discuss. All of these features are actually implemented well.

It’s just we have seen all of this before. There is nothing ground breaking to speak of. I will say it’s true, not every game has to set the bar for ingenuity. What a game does need to do, is present a quality experience that is fun. I am still in search of said “fun”.

Offensive Combat: Redux - headshot

Weapons are Fun, Sometimes

Offensive Combat: Redux does the weapons selection right. There are 2 types of games that you are probably going to run into when dealing with online shooters. You are either going to have games that give you a few weapons to choose from that are well balanced or you are going to have games that start you off with a garbage selection and force you to grind through matched to unlock gear that is going to make you competitive.

Offensive Combat does a great job of giving you a huge selection of weapons without making you work for them. Then gives you the option to upgrade each weapon in your arsenal through one of the currencies that PWNing your enemies gives you.

Luckily it doesn’t take long to build up enough to upgrade your weapons and the edge that you get is not significant enough to make you Godly without trying. This is not to say that the weapons are completely equal because they are not. There are a few absolutely devastating alien weapons, but you have the choice to use them or not.

Offensive Combat: Redux PWNing nobs

Don’t Forget to Buy a Trump Head

As mentioned earlier, there are multiple types of in-game currency. As we have talked about numerous times on the site, in-game purchases usually end up being total garbage. They ruin the game for casual players and give an edge to those who have deep pockets.

A perfect example of this is the recent news about Lord of the Rings: Shadow of War. Thank all of the magical entities in the sky that Three Gates hit this on the head. There are 2 types of in-game currency.

One of them purchases you weapon upgrades, the other allows you to buy character customizations such as PWN dances, heads, torsos, hands, feet, and arms. Both of these currencies are awarded in game and that’s it. You mean that there is a developer that isn’t focused on nickel and diming players to death? Thank you Three Gates for standing by the quality of your product. A tip of the top hat to you.

Final Thoughts

Offensive Combat: Redux is a fine game. It wasn’t a terrible experience and I had fun while I was playing it. After the time that we invested in the game, I don’t feel there is much else left to see. It would be a great game for a LAN party or just to kill some time. This is not a bad game, but unfortunately, it’s not a good game either.

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