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Mercy is getting an overhaul Mercy is getting an overhaul


Overwatch is Changing How Mercy Plays

In a future update, Mercy is having her Resurrection ability severely nerfed.



Are you a regular player of Overwatch? Are you one of the select people that depends on your healer game in and game out? Ok, that’s literally everyone except healers. Either way, you might want to sit down for a minute because we need to talk. Recently Jeff Kaplan, also known as the guy that ruins all of your fun, announced that Mercy would be receiving an overhaul? A character balance wouldn’t be a big deal, right? RIGHT?!

That is by far not the case. Kaplan announced that Mercy will no longer have the ability to perform a group or team res. That was not a typo, so let me pause for a moment while you pic your butts up off of the floor.

Mercy Play of the Game

Did Mercy Just Get Wrecked?

In a future update, Mercy is having her Resurrection ability severely nerfed. Soon Mercy players will only be able to bring back a single target. Along with only being able to bring back one of your friends after they so stupidly die after trying to solo a Soldier 76 with their Junkrat at half health, but now that isn’t even going to be your Ultimate, yes that’s right Mercy is getting a new Ultimate.

To replace her previous Ultimate, she will be gaining a new ability called Valkyrie. This will do 2 things for Mercy, first you will now have the ability to fly anywhere on the map like the wonderful little angel that you are. Second, Mercy gets a global buff to everything. She will now do more damage, give more healing, healing and damage buffs will reach further, you can soar to enemies that are further away, and resurrect allies faster. Mercy will legitimately transform into a healing angel of destruction.

For the full update on Mercy as well as all of the other changes coming to Overwatch, check out the video.

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