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Gaming With Scissors Podcast - Loot Boxes and Gambling Gaming With Scissors Podcast - Loot Boxes and Gambling

Gaming With Scissors

Gaming With Scissors Podcast – Loot Boxes and Gambling

On this episode of the Gaming With Scissors Podcast Piper and Mat are joined by Ricky from Astro Panda Productions. We all sit down and discuss our opinions on loot boxes and gambling in video games.



On this episode of the Gaming With Scissors Podcast Piper and Mat are joined by Ricky from Astro Panda Productions. We all sit down and discuss our opinions on loot boxes and gambling in video games. For some time now game developers have been holding sections of games hostage and calling in DLC. This has been rather accepted as common practice by many and in some cases tolerable. Now with games like Battlefront 2 and Lord of the Rings: Shadow of War, they may be taking it too far.

Battlefield 2, the new Star Wars shooter, has added many of the games best weapons and ability cards in loot boxes forcing players to spend real money simply for a chance at unlocking high tier content. This can present a huge issue, especially in a large scale online game.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Lord of the Rings: Shadow of War has decided to take the final mission in the game and make it unbeatable without the use of legendary orcs in your army. Unfortunately, to get legendary orcs, you are either forced to grind through countless side-quests in hopes of finding these powerful creatures or spending real money on chests that allow you to easily unlock the legendary orcs.

More and more game developers are taking advantage of their players by offering less and less content with more and more micro-transactions. Is this a fair practice, or do you want to see this stop? Join the guys and get their take.



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