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Rocky Horror Changed My Life Rocky Horror Changed My Life


Rocky Horror Changed My Life

Rocky Horror Picture Show has a great
message and it is …



Rocky Horror changed my life for all the right reasons. Rocky Horror Picture Show is one of the greatest cult classics of our time. The crazy dancing and cheeky lyrics make this movie a must see. One of the messages it conveys is not to worry
about what other people think, be yourself.

This is a very important message for people to hear right now. With everyone worried about offending people, acting a certain way, and the opinions of the masses, Rocky Horror Picture show has always been a breath of fresh air no matter how old it gets. This movie is great at stating, if you’re a “freak”, be proud of it and wave your freak flag.

The music is fantastic as well, as it is wonderfully catchy and upbeat. It’s not very long before you’re dancing along to “The Time Warp” or singing “Touch me”. The music is a giant part of why I love this movie so much. A lot of the songs do have an element of playful dirtiness to them that make them fun to sing along with, and maybe make a few people blush when they hear them for the first time. Rocky Horror changed my life.

Rocky Horror Changed My Life and I need to share this message this halloween

Tim Curry completely demands you pay attention to him with his performance. He struts his stuff and owns all his scenes, making it hard not to root for the bad guy. Susan Sarandon is fantastic at the transformation of a shy meek woman to someone that owned her own sexuality by the end. Both of these instances reminds you that we have a purpose and we should embrace those. Either a shy shell with a powerful being living inside or an in your face extreme entity. We need to open the world to our greatness.

It is a rule I live by that everyone needs to see this movie. So why am I bringing this up right now? Honestly, there is no reason. Just like you don’t need a reason to appreciate a good message and be strange. This is just a reminder that we need to hold our heads up high, be proud of ourselves, and Halloween things as well.

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