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The Last Jedi Trailer 2

Porg promised me this was going to be good …



The Last Jedi Trailer 2 has been released with only 64 Days until release.  If you don’t recall the teaser trailer, we left Rey directly after she located Luke Skywalker and we get to a montage of her training with him.  The new and interesting moment of this trailer is when Luke states that he had only seen “raw strength” like this once before and it did not scare him enough.  Rey is also seen being held in place by Supreme Leader of the First Order  – Snoke.   Maybe we finally get to figure out who this force sensitive character is.  Fin has a quick scene battling Phasma with what looks like a Vibrostaff to me.  Chewy is piloting the Falcon with a creature that looks pokemon inspired called a Porg.  Finally, Kylo Ren looks like he is about to commit Parricide by blowing up his last remaining parent. This looks like it will be another dark entry to the main series and we here at NerdLifeTX cannot wait until Dec 15th.

Official Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer

If you want a second take on the trailer, feel free to check out Ozzyman’s breakdown.



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